Preseason Form

Hello Don. I say this because at this point you and I are the only ones reading. We’re working on a “statement” post, where we tell you what this blog is all about, but I couldn’t wait. In short, Don’s the whiskey guy, I’m the beer guy and we’re brothers. We’ll explain the rest at some point (unless we don’t).

Preseason FlavorSo I’m watching preseason football tonight (Steelers versus Cardinals) and I decided to celebrate the return of football with a beer. Unfortunately, I didn’t plan ahead and had to make due with what was on hand. In this case, it’s a Samuel Adams Chocolate Bock that someone left in my beer fridge (my wife I think). I have to say it’s not the best. I love dark beer and this one looks the part, but this bock just lacks guts. It has a wonderful aroma of chocolate and malt, and it hits the tongue with promise, but then fails to deliver – the flavor goes watery and then it gets sweetly sour. I hate sour beer.

Anyway, when the best you can say about a beer is that it reminds you of a better beer, in this case Heavy Seas Peg Leg Imperial Stout, then it’s not a very good beer. Damned by faint prasie, as they say. The fact that I generally discount Sam as a mass-market beer (the last resort at TGIFridays) doesn’t help it’s case.

Tomorrow night my Jets play and I should be in mid-season form by then. I’m thinking Double Bag. We’ll see…


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