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Buy ‘Em and Blast ‘Em: Bud Reveals Anti-Craft Beer Agenda

  In the end, the money men usually win, largely because we’re all human. We have mortgages, kids who need schooling, and bills to pay.  They say money can’t buy you happiness, but it can remove a great deal of stress from your daily life. After struggling (or even thriving) at the helm of a […]

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Delta Air Lines Regional Craft Beers

Delta Complicates Craft Beer Offering as Only an Airline Could

Delta has just issued a press release saying that they will be offering local craft beers on select flights in a move that “continues the airline’s focus on bringing regional food, wine and now beer to the in-flight experience.”

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What Would Happen If Don and I Made a Beer Pouring Robot

While Don and I are both good at dreaming big, we’re not very good at being handy.  One could blame this on genetic predisposition, or the fact that our dad had little patience for us fumbling up his honey-do projects around the house.  We were terrible apprentices and likely wouldn’t have learned much anyway. Whatever […]

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Humans Wasted Over 9 Million Years Not Making Booze

A new study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences says that our human ancestors first gained the ability to consume alcohol roughly 10 million years ago.  That’s when genetic changes made it possible for our primate forebearers to properly digest ethanol, that silly psychoactive substance we call alcohol. 

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Did Stone Brewing’s Berlin Beer Rally Send the Wrong Message?

Stone Brewing Company recently announced it’s opening the first American-owned craft brewery in Europe, located in an old gasworks facility in Berlin. . As part of the announcement, a group of beer fans and European craft brewers gathered in front of the brewery’s main building and cheered as Greg Koch used a forklift to drop […]

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Infographic: Guess the World’s Most Popular Beer (You’re likely WRONG!!)

The fine folks over at Finances Online have pumped out another interesting beer-related infographic, this one featuring a world traveler (let’s call him “Steve”) who trots around the globe discovering which countries drink the most beer, which countries pay the most (and least) for a beer, and which country spends the most on beer per-person […]

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Is SAB Miller on the Run from an A-B InBev Takeover?

If there’s one thing “Big Beer” knows how to do, it’s get bigger.  It seems like these global mega-brewers are always bidding, buying, merging with or making a hostile play for one another.  Imagine if they put that energy into making better beer! The freshest rumor is that A-B InBev, the world’s largest brewing conglomerate […]

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Light Beer Makers Fighting Over Whose Can is Most Refreshing as the Whole Ship Sinks

Recent data shows that light beer sales will hit a 10-year low in 2015, another bleak milestone for this titanic beer category. But even as the S.S. Lite Beer begins to nosedive after hitting an iceberg with interesting facial hair (obviously craft brewers bringing them down), the makers of Bud Light and Coors Light are […]

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New Shock Top Video Campaign Calls Out Craft Beers for “Trying Too Hard”

If you needed another clue that craft-beer-pretender Shock Top is the baby of Big Beer, look no further than these “viral” videos from Canadian ad agency Anomaly that rolled onto Shock Top’s YouTube channel last week. They are just what you might expect from a large corporation (A-B InBev) trying to act like one of […]

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Macro versus Micro – How Beer is made in GIF’s

St. Louis Public Radio has put together an interesting set of animated GIFs that show side-by-side comparisons of Budweiser’s 15 million-barrels-per-year brewing operation and Perennial Artisan Ales’ much more hands-on setup. You can see the whole thing in action here. I had my beer snob hackles up a bit before I clicked the link, ready […]

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Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 10.25.47 AM

Miller Lite Video Beer Review: Something’s Not Quite Right

So this happened.  I have a few cans of Miller Lite laying around after I bought a sixer of the stuff for a Today.com piece on retro beer cans (and yes, it pained me to purchase it!).  I decided to climb down off of my high horse and give it a try, but I discovered […]

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Dear Craft Brewers, Enough with the Age Gates

I’m a chameleon, a shape-shifter.  Well at least I am on the Internet.  When someone wants to know a nugget of personal information about me, I’m always changing form.  Why give up usable data about myself when I don’t have to? Country of Residence? Moldova. Phone Number?  It starts with 555… Gender?  Questionable. Sexual Preference? […]

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Zooming in on a picture taken after the toss shows the back label art.

Craft or Crap?: The Beer That Brad Pitt Tossed to Matthew McConaughey in New Orleans

This past weekend one legendary celebrity stoner (Brad Pitt of Honey Bear bong fame) tossed a beer to another legendary celebrity stoner (Matthew McConaughey of naked bongo playing fame), and the tabloid world was there to breathlessly cover every moment. McConaughey was hanging out on the balcony of Saints quarterback Drew Brees, which just happens […]

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How I got Blacklisted for Mentioning Samuel Adams’ PR Company

Boxes.  So many boxes.  Box upon box full of beer arrive at my house and pile up in the front hall.  They come from brewers around the country who would like me to write about their beer for Today.com or FSR Magazine. I’ve been a little lax in keeping up lately, letting two weeks worth […]

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Design Legend Critiques Craft Beer Labels

Milton Glaser is a graphic design legend.  The 84 year-old has been in the business for longer than many of us have been alive, and has been responsible for everything from the now-ubiquitous  “I ❤ NY” logo, to the visual identity for the upcoming Season 7 of AMC’s Mad Men.  The gentleman truly knows his […]

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