Ok,,,so like welcome to our blog eh

yah it’s like a blog about Beer and Whiskey eh

Ok, and like we’re brothers too….

Don’t worry I won’t subject you to an interminable amount of Bob and Doug McKenzie, but it should be said that we are brothers and I am Don.  I know a little about Whiskey and I hope to share my thoughts and opinions of various whiskeys with the world on this blog.  My Brother Jim, whom you have already heard from knows a little something about mmmmm Beeeerrrr (Homer Simpson voice implied).

Since Jim already blogged about a shitty beer I won’t post about a Whiskey tonight, but suffice it to say anything that says Chocolate and Beer in the same bottle is going to be gross.  I don’t have to be subjected to it in order to know it just doesn’t work.  I remember once I had a microbrew that was a blueberry beer.  I thought, I love Beer, I love Buleberries put them together and out comes the most vile concoction you could imagine.  You know the Miller commercial was correct…manrule, don’t fruit the beer!  In my world that goes for chocolate too.  I don’t know what you were thinking Jim.

My first Whiskey I will review this weekend will be an old favorite of mine, Knob Creek.  It is a small batch Kentucky Burboun that is a great everyday whiskey.  I hope to bring you 2 to 3 reviews a week of various mainstream, small batch, and single barrel whiskeys.  If you don’t know the difference I will explain it in upcoming blog posts.

I should say right off the bat that I am not much for blended, canadian, or scotch whiskeys.  I may be forced to get into these bad boys later in this blog, but to date I really haven’t found any blendeds or canadians I like, and I got really, really, REALLY drunk on Scorsby’s Scotch Whiskey about 23 years ago, and haven’t touched the stuff since then.  We’ll see as the blog goes on I may again venture into the world of scotch.

That is about it for now.  I want this to be about good drinks and fun times.  In the mix you will get to know both me and my brother and how we are alike and how we are different.  Quick list of differences:

1) Jim is Liberal, Don is more conservative

2) Jim is on the East Coast in New Jersey, Don is out west in Idaho

3) Jim is more metrosexual, Don is more of a gun toten, flannel wearin’ redneck

4) Jim is skinny, Don is fat.

Beyond that we have the same parents, we’re both married, we both have families and houses with mortgages, and we both pay our taxes.  I can promise you that you will not agree with us all the time, hell we won’t even agree with each other half the time, but it should be fun and enjoyable, and maybe even a little informative.  Stay tuned for more Beer, Whiskey, and Brotherhood!

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