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Miller Lite Video Beer Review: Something’s Not Quite Right

So this happened.  I have a few cans of Miller Lite laying around after I bought a sixer of the stuff for a piece on retro beer cans (and yes, it pained me to purchase it!).  I decided to climb down off of my high horse and give it a try, but I discovered […]

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5 Reasons why SAVOR is the Best Beer Event in America

I had an excellent time at SAVOR this past weekend – it blended everything I like about beer festivals into one exceptional evening. I haven’t gone to every beer event in America, but I have to say that SAVOR is far and away the best I’ve ever experienced. Here’s why: 

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When an Over-Hyped Beer Totally Under-Delivers

Some of you will cringe when I say this, but hype usually makes things seem better, at least for a little while. Being pumped up about an experience or a product can place a set of rose-colored glasses firmly on your face, which blind you to some of the shortcomings you might experience.  There’s a […]

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Epic Brewing: Elder Brett, How to Get a Wino to Love Beer

Wow!  There are benefits to owning a beer store, and one that I found last Friday was that beer Reps from the various breweries will just show up with beer and want to drink it with you.  That is exactly what happened last Friday when Eric from Epic brewing showed up and wanted to discuss […]

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Shiner Premium: What if Budweiser Was Good?

The folks at the Spoetzl Brewery in Shiner, Texas send beers my way from time to time, and honestly, many of their gentle offerings are lost on my gonzo craft beer sensibilities. But I’m glad they kept the brews migrating north, because every once in a while a gentle beer is just what it takes […]

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Selkirk Abbey 10: From Northern Idaho With Love

I said last Friday that I would be drinking the Selkirk Abbey 10 that I had received from my buddy Jeff up in Post Falls at the Brewery, but plans changed and I drank this beer with Easter dinner, it went fantastic with the Ham we had BTW.  This is Selkirk’s take on the Belgian […]

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Review: New Holland Cherry Dragons Milk Brings Out My Crazy

My buddy Rich Blair at the New Holland Brewing Company was nice enough to send me a taste of a special edition of their Dragons Milk (an amazing barrel aged stout and probably my favorite beer on the planet) that had been aged on tart Michigan cherries. This is a one-and-done brew and was (or […]

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Odell Bourbon Barrel Stout

Odell Bourbon Barrel Stout: The Stout That Never Was.

The other night I broke into my bunker and pulled out this beer for both cooking and consumption.  I was trying a new fusion recipe that didn’t really work out.  Suffice it to say that the Irish and the Chinese shouldn’t make food together.  Really it was some sort of funky blend of beef and cabbage and […]

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Bruery Smoking Wood: Annoyingly Close to Excellence

I recently sampled the Bruery’s Smoking Wood, a 13% ABV Imperial Porter that’s brewed with beechwood and cherrywood smoked malt and a hearty dollop of rye, and then aged in rye whiskey barrels. It got me to thinking about how something can have all the hallmarks of excellence and then leave you totally unfulfilled. Allow […]

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Mad Love for Bad Beer: Fun with Online Reviews

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so our pal John over at TDYLF (an awesome movie and TV blog) should be blushing right about now. John has created a series of posts where he takes funny and bizarre user reviews from Netflix and features them on his site.  It’s an easy way […]

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Woodenville White Dog

Woodenville White Dog: My First Sip of Whiskey in the Raw!

My first taste of white dog whiskey came in late July of this year.  I went over to a friend’s house and he had just come back from a trip to Washington State.  While there he dropped in on the folks at Woodenville Whiskey Company a micro distillery in Woodenville, Washington. He picked up some […]

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Mirror Pond

Deschutes Mirror Pond Pale Ale: When Old Standby’s Become New Favorites

When you were a kid, did you ever have a favorite toy or game that you played all the time, it was always available, you loved it, but then you tired of that toy or game?  You went on to look for different toys, more sophisticated toys and games that made you feel differently, maybe […]

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Green Flash Double Stout

Green Flash Double Stout: A “Refreshing” Stout For Summer

So I was going through my dwindling collection of beers the other day, and was reminded that I had some Green Flash brews that I haven’t tried yet.  I remember when I last posted about Green Flash I had drank their West Coast IPA and it was a really easy drinking IPA that went well […]

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Squatter’s Outer Darkness: A Beer to Break the Summer Doldrums

I don’t know about you, but for me Summer is beginning to D…r…….a….gggggg. Yes, there is only so many sunny warm days an unemployed guy can take.  Seriously it has been so hot here nobody goes outside, the house has that artificially cool feel to it, and every time I do step outside it is […]

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Glad I’m Not A Hipster, Because Pabst Blue Ribbon Sucks!

Jim and I have discussed our family history with PBR, and I have even discussed PBR’s recent history on the blog here.  Jim and my history with this beer began when we were children.  Our aunt worked for Pabst for a long time (almost 20 years) and it was my father’s beer of choice for […]

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