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Beyond TODAY: Are Chocolate Beers the Most Female-Friendly?

Beyond TODAY is an extension of our weekly column for the TODAY Show food blog. Here we’ll look at the same subject from another angle, which will likely be far geekier.  Click here to see our latest TODAY Show post. I know it’s a stereotype, but* women really do go crazy for chocolate.  It’s innate.  […]

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Drunk Babies Used to Sell Chocolates? Sounds About Right!

Everybody loves babies, and quite a few folks like to drink.  Put these two things together, and you get drunken babies, an almost irresistible marketing force. 

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Preseason Form

Hello Don. I say this because at this point you and I are the only ones reading. We’re working on a “statement” post, where we tell you what this blog is all about, but I couldn’t wait. In short, Don’s the whiskey guy, I’m the beer guy and we’re brothers. We’ll explain the rest at […]

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