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Drinking and dating: Those seeking a mate lay off the booze

The dating website just released a new study on singles and drinking, and the findings shed interesting light on how our attitudes towards alcohol change as we get more serious about finding a mate. The study involved 11 million singles between the ages of 21 and 50 who have set up profiles on the […]

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Five Damn Good Reasons to Drink This Weekend

Well Friday is here, and if you’re like most black-livered red-blooded Americans, you’re likely thinking about taking a sip or two of an adult beverage over the weekend.  Here are five things from this week to inspire you to do just that. Google Is Skynet – I just learned about Google’s “Project Tango,”  an Android […]

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Everything You Need to BOO-ze Your Friends for Halloween (except the booze!)

I’m reposting this to remind everyone what a great thing it is to BOO-ze your friends during Halloween.  Get out there and spread the Halloween cheer! — Last year I was so excited to find an unexpected gift on my doorstep – a festive bagful of craft beer and other assorted treats!  I got BOO-zed! […]

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Woodenville White Dog

Woodenville White Dog: My First Sip of Whiskey in the Raw!

My first taste of white dog whiskey came in late July of this year.  I went over to a friend’s house and he had just come back from a trip to Washington State.  While there he dropped in on the folks at Woodenville Whiskey Company a micro distillery in Woodenville, Washington. He picked up some […]

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More Wood for Thought…

“Hello, my name is Don and I am an absentee blogger”…”Hi Don”. Well, this issue of small barrels just won’t go away, and I think it will be with us to stay.  I certainly hope the debate around it dies down, however, but the gist of the argument is this, Small barrels can age whiskey […]

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Mini-Series Explores US History Under the Influence of Beer and Whiskey

According to Discovery’s new mini series How Booze Built America, the pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock not because they planned to (they were sailing for Virgina) but because they ran out of beer.  Had I known this in high school, I probably would have paid much more attention in history class. Starting Wednesday, September 19th […]

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De-Lurk Yourself: Annual Call Out To The Lurkers

Once every year or so we do this here at Beer and Whiskey Brothers.  We know you are out there, our stats don’t lie.  Only a small fraction of you ever comment on our postings.  How do we know?  Wordpress tells us how many comments we get, and how many views we get.  Subtract one […]

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Bulleit Rye: More Rye Means More Better!

About 2 years ago the makers of Bulleit Bourbon came out with thier version of Rye.  About six months after that I picked up a bottle of said Rye, and put it in my bunker.  There it sat all lonely for these last 18 months.  I guess in some respects it kind of scared me […]

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Moral Dilemma: Ungifting Stranahans Colorado Whiskey

My boss is out of town this week, and I’m using his absence as an opportunity to get myself organized.  Step one was getting my to-do list up to snuff, and step two was cleaning out three years worth of crap from my office. I was down in the basement, stashing the stuff that was […]

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Blanton’s the Original Single Barrel Bourbon, A Nice Change of Pace

It is hard to believe, I’ve been doing this blog for almost 3 years now, and drinking small batch bourbon for many years before that, but I have never had a Blanton’s Single Barrel Bourbon…until now.  This one has always slipped through the proverbial cracks in the pavement with me.  I’ve seen it at the store, on […]

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Beer Barrel Bourbon

New Holland Beer Barrel Bourbon

Here it is.  Jim referred to it as Double Dragon, but its name is simple and elegant and tells a new story.  May I introduce to you Beer Barrel Bourbon. This is the latest creation from New Holland Artisan Spirits, and I’d like to emphasize the “Artisan”.  Jim already described the bourbon in his post, and I […]

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New Holland Artisan Spirits: Who’s Ready for Some Double Dragon?

If science has taught us anything, it’s that everything is better when it’s wrapped in bacon.  I won’t support this assertion with examples, because we all know it’s true. The folks over at New Holland Artisan Spirits have been fooling around with whiskey for a while now, and the results have been very good.  But […]

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drinking with dad

Drinking with Dad

Jim and I have talked before about our early childhood experiences with our Dad.  Dad was a Pabst Blue Ribbon drinker through and through.  If he had beer it was PBR.  It wasn’t until the company started to struggle and PBR became a little more scarce on the grocery shelves that he began to branch […]

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A Mini Ungettables Tasting

I love having friends that have beer!  And what’s better is I love having friends that have Whiskey!  And what’s better still is I love having friends that have beer and whiskey that I can’t get, and they are willing and eager to share.  So it went last time I went into my local bottle […]

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What Beers and Booze Would You Put on Frontier Airlines?

All types of folks reach out to us here at B&WB, but this is the first time we’ve ever been approached by an airline. Yesterday, Brian Dassell, the manager of the food and beverage program at Frontier Airlines left us a comment on the About the Brothers page, asking what we thought of the recent […]

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