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You Fill In The Blank: Mega-Store-Branded Beers

I just posted about how Walgreens is custom-brewing their own beer. It’s a “premium” lager called Big Flats 1901, and the tagline is “It’s the Water That Makes It.” We’ve been poking a little fun in the comments, and our pal Alex said we should all start playing with the tag line.  But why stop […]

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Sign of the Craft Beer Apocalypse: Walgreens is Brewing a “Premium” Beer

  I guess if I can brew in my driveway, anyone can right?  Well the folks over at Walgreens apparently have this can-do spirit when it comes to, er, spirits, as they are launching their own custom-brewed “premium” lager called Big Flats 1901.  It should sell for about 50 cents a can. I’m not sure […]

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