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The Three Best Vacation Beers I’ve Ever Had

My most recent post for is about the Big River Brewing Company at the Boardwalk Hotel in Disney World.  I was down there last week with the family, and Big River was a life saver – a lush desert island of craft beer in an otherwise barren sea of industrial light lagers. While I […]

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Close, but No Craft Beer

If you’re a kid who lives in New Jersey, you know that a nirvana of finger-popping fireworks lies just across the Pennsylvania border.  But if you’re a beer nerd who lives in New Jersey, you hardly notice all of the FIREWORKS signs as you cross the Delaware, because you’re not looking for bottle rockets, you’re […]

Continue Reading Announces Top 10 Beer Vacation Destinations, Loses Me after Number 2… released their Top 10 craft beer vacation destinations earlier this morning, and while some are slam dunks, others are head scratchers. Sure visiting Stone and Dogfish Head make sense (they have beaches!), but Pottsville, PA?  Also, The state of Wisconsin gets a nod, but Colorado is left out in the cold?! Wisconsin is a […]

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The Beer is Great in the Badger State

As you may know, I’m visiting the Beer & Whiskey Parents here in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, a lovely part of the world just outside Milwaukee.  And as you definitely know, I’m obsessed with beer and I’ve been foaming at the mouth in anticipation of trying some delicious brews I can’t get back in New Jersey.  

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Whatcha Drinkin’ This Weekend: Vacation Edition

Well it is August, and many people who are currently employed are taking vacations.  I just got back from 5 days up north, and Jim is currently in Milwaukee with his family, visiting with my sisters and my folks.  He will then escort our mother back here to Idaho for my Son’s wedding.  Unfortunately Dad […]

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