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Did Stone Brewing’s Berlin Beer Rally Send the Wrong Message?

Stone Brewing Company recently announced it’s opening the first American-owned craft brewery in Europe, located in an old gasworks facility in Berlin. . As part of the announcement, a group of beer fans and European craft brewers gathered in front of the brewery’s main building and cheered as Greg Koch used a forklift to drop […]

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Welcome to the Hotel California: Stone Brewing Plans to Open Hotel

Stone Brewing Company has announced plans to break ground on a new $24 million hotel on a dark desert highway across the street from their World Bistro and Gardens in Escondido, California. It’ll be the perfect thing for patrons of the bistro whose heads grow heavy and whose sights grow dim, and they’d like to […]

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WalMart Makes Good On Craft Beer Promise

This morning on my way into work I had to make a quick WalMart run.  My wife has been couponing to save our family $$ and she made a run to WalMart yesterday, and had a few things she forgot so sent me this morning on my way into work.  As I was making my […]

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Let’s Be Friends: The Collaboration Mombo

Lately there have been some interesting collaborations, and some collaborations that frankly leave me scratching my head a little.  A couple days ago my brother Jim posted about a collaboration that Dogfish Head did with Google.  They came up with URKontinent, which by all accounts is a pretty tasty beer.  Then yesterday they came out […]

Continue Reading Announces Top 10 Beer Vacation Destinations, Loses Me after Number 2… released their Top 10 craft beer vacation destinations earlier this morning, and while some are slam dunks, others are head scratchers. Sure visiting Stone and Dogfish Head make sense (they have beaches!), but Pottsville, PA?  Also, The state of Wisconsin gets a nod, but Colorado is left out in the cold?! Wisconsin is a […]

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A Beer We Can’t Wait For

While Don and I were at Victory, we had a chance to chat with them about their collaboration brew with Stone and Dogfish Head called Saison du BUFF.  I cannot wait to get a taste of this beer.  It’ll feature traditional Belgian esters along with sage, rosemary, thyme and a few other herbs that are […]

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The Keys to the Kingdom

Introducing someone into the world of craft brews can be a delicate thing. A couple of years ago my friend Steve started to show an interest in craft beers, most likely because I couldn’t stop talking about them. He was primed for crossing over; he had grown tired of mass-produced beers and had started to […]

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