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“Craft Beer Destination” at Yankee Stadium Puts the “Crap” in “Craft”

How do you spell “crap” at Yankee Stadium? Apparently you keep the “cra,” but replace the “p’ with an “ft.” This might be the only way to explain how the Bronx Bombers could justify selling three beers and a cider made by MillerCoors in their “Craft Beer Destination,” a new addition to the Great Hall […]

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Losers!: Boston’s Harpoon Brewery Is Serving Pints Wearing Giants Jerseys Today

Forget about senators betting lobsters and cheesecakes over the outcome of a football game – brewers do it with far more flair. NYC’s Brooklyn Brewery had a Super Bowl bet going with the folks from Harpoon in Boston.  If the Patriots won, Brooklyn would have to pour pints of Harpoon IPA in their pub for […]

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