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Detoxing From the Long Weekend

I know it might sound funny for a guy with a drinking blog, but I really don’t drink that much.  Think about it, I might put up three or four posts a week about a beer or whiskey, and that is really all I typically drink.  Sometimes I might have a beer on the weekend, […]

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The Long, Dry Weekend

I’m quite the creature of habit, and I usually like to stick to a routine.  When it comes to beer, the rule is that I usually don’t drink any during the week, and imbibe on the weekends.  Now the former rule is one that is broken regularly (I’ll have a beer after a rough day […]

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Weyerbacher Heresy: Call Me a Heretic!

If this were the Dark Ages, I’d be roasting on a spit right now, because I’m a huge fan of Heresy.  Not the religious type  (but I’m probably guilty of that, too), but of Weyerbacher’s wonderful barrel-aged stout.  Heresy starts life as Weyerbacher’s Old Heathen imperial stout, which is then aged in oak barrels that […]

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