Detoxing From the Long Weekend

I know it might sound funny for a guy with a drinking blog, but I really don’t drink that much.  Think about it, I might put up three or four posts a week about a beer or whiskey, and that is really all I typically drink.  Sometimes I might have a beer on the weekend, but there are times when I am so busy with kids stuff and family that I really don’t have time or inclination to drink.  So after the last two weeks of drinking, eating, and general merriment it is time to detox and get back into a normal rhythm…

See for the last two weeks I have been travelling.  Some for work, some personal, and believe it or not some for the blog!  I started out in Lewiston, Idaho where we had public meetings in the afternoon and early evening, then usually beer with dinner and perhaps a shot or two of whiskey.  I came home for just a brief day and a half and then flew off again on Saturday for the Big Easy and a conference which I was presenting at for work.  Well each night was Abita and Whiskey of some sort, and fish…wonderful fish!

Then I flew from NOLA to Jersey where I met up with Jim and we started a three day drinking Odyssey.  We began by going to Liquor Outlet in Boonton and I was like a kid in a very adult candy store.  That night we drank a lot.  It was research really.  But Jim has access to so many things I don’t we thought it would be great to try a bunch.  We began with a Southern Tier Oat, then went on to the Ja-Vah, then had a absolutely scrumptious Dragon’s Milk from New Holand, then we each had a Weyerbacher Heresy, then we had the clunker of the night a Mikkeller Beer Geek Breakfast.  Since that was such a lesser beer we thought it would be deserving of a Whiskey Back, so Jim poured 2 fingers of Knob Creek for each of us, and that was our night.

The next day after we knocked off the cobwebs we ran down to Downingtown, PA and spent the next two days at Victory Brewing.  Well when you are at a brewery beer flows like water, and Jim and I were really given the royal treatment, so that meant beer upon arrival, and beer every minute until we left.  The next day Friday, we started our day out at 10am and began drinking immediately.  I believe that Donnybrook was a very appropriate beer to start that day.  Then more and more beer all day long…all day long.  Great beer by the way, Victory really gets it.

Well by Saturday I felt like shit and my liver was begging me to stop the insanity.  So I did, and I have.  I couldn’t even drink any of the Brooklyn Dark Matter Jim poured for me to try, although I will say that is probably the coolest beer label I have ever seen.  So I think by now, Wednesday after about 5 days of nothing but water and coffee, I am finally back to normal.  Tonight I drink!

So have you ever felt the need to detox?  This isn’t the drunkest I’ve ever been, but it is probably the most I have consumed in a two week period.  Have you ever got to that point?  Where you just had to take a break?  As usual let us know and share your stories.


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6 Comments on “Detoxing From the Long Weekend”

  1. April 21, 2010 at 12:27 pm #

    I’m right there with you bro. On top of your recount of the liver hating we perpetrated, I also stopped working out for that week and didn’t drink the normal amount of water that I usually do (which is a lot). My body demanded an apology, which I’ve been giving it this week, working out like a good boy and lavishing my system with water.

    I won’t drink tonight, but you can bet you butt I’ll be curled up with a Dale’s in front of the TV watching the NFL Draft tomorrow night.

    I figure by Friday, I’ll be back to normal. Are we lightweights or what?

    • Don
      April 21, 2010 at 12:38 pm #

      The Mole Ocho didn’t count? You also had that whole growler of the Smaragd Saturday night…I think you were a little out of control! 😉 What do you think about your Jets picking up Jason Taylor?

  2. April 24, 2010 at 10:13 am #

    I’m glad you two got the chance to make it to Victory! Did it live up to your expectations? Did you try the root beer ribs?

    • Don
      April 25, 2010 at 9:11 am #

      I had the ribs, but I didn’t remember to have the Root Beer ribs. If all their ribs are root beer ribs, then yess I had them, otherwise maybe. The ribs were great however. The next day I had some sort of salad with steak on it which was very good, and for our evening meal that night I had the gyro pizza. It was very funny I tried to order it with the correct pronunciation as (Yee-Ro) and the guy didn’t know what I wanted, then Jim stepped in and said he wants the (Ji-ro) pizza and the guy immediately knew what it was. So funny the regional differences. Jim had a salad the first night then he had a jerk chicken sandwich for lunch the next day that he raved about then I was too drunk to notice what he had for dinner.

      The brewery itself was amazing. It was such a sophisticated operation and the people there were all so nice, we really had a great time.

      • April 25, 2010 at 11:10 am #

        I took me a minute to recall (I was impared as well) but I had a plate of nachos for dinner the second night and they were awesome, with a generous amount of toppings including jerk chicken. Probably not the healthiest choice for a meal, but I had seen a few plates of the go by while we were there and knew I had to get some. So I has an appitizer for dinner and I couldn’t finish it!


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