Athletic Robot Has Me Thinking About Building a Bunker

Okay folks, this is…scary?  Exciting?  Good news?  The beginning of the end?

Oh, hell – it’s probably all of the above, and has me thinking that maybe now’s the time to start digging a bunker in the back yard and figuring out how to make a robot-disabling EMP device out of old microwave parts.

UNLESS…I can program this thing to get me beers, however treacherous the conditions.  Because lord knows I could use a robot beer valet.

At any rate, the future is coming, and it’s going to involve autonomous and athletic little “creatures” like the one in the video below.

I’m buying Cyberdine Systems stock!

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4 Comments on “Athletic Robot Has Me Thinking About Building a Bunker”

  1. johnking82
    October 24, 2012 at 2:08 pm #

    If this robot can navigate obstacles, you’d think Don could navigate writing a post.

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