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Athletic Robot Has Me Thinking About Building a Bunker

Okay folks, this is…scary?  Exciting?  Good news?  The beginning of the end? Oh, hell – it’s probably all of the above, and has me thinking that maybe now’s the time to start digging a bunker in the back yard and figuring out how to make a robot-disabling EMP device out of old microwave parts. UNLESS…I […]

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VIDEO: Somebody Call John Connor, I Think We Have a Problem Here

. . Behold our future overlords, the Nano Quadrotors.  While I’ll admit that this is very cool, I can now plainly see a day in the not-too-distant future where the “intelligent” little gadgets we create wind up snuffing us out (especially as we get fatter and dumber while out technology becomes free-roaming and autonomous).  It […]

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