Case Closed: Obama Served White House Home Brew to Dakota Meyer

We finally have an answer to the burning beer geek question of what type of beer President Obama shared with Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer.  According to the Marine Corp Times:

A White House spokesman tells Marine Corps Times that the beer shared by Obama and Meyer was home-brewed there. It’s called White House Honey Blonde Ale. That’s pretty sweet.

So there you have it – it was the White House home brew.  As a beer geek, I can’t think of a brew more fitting for an American hero.  To be able to say you actually shared a pint of White House Honey Blonde Ale with the President would make you the envy of every beer nerd out there.  I guess the Medal of Honor doesn’t hurt either.  🙂

Thanks to reader ringomp3 for supplying us with the answer!

So it turns out that heroes get home brew at the White House.




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4 Comments on “Case Closed: Obama Served White House Home Brew to Dakota Meyer”

  1. September 16, 2011 at 8:10 am #

    Now the big question is: did he like it? And if he liked it, did they send him home with a case?

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