Sip With Us Saturday: Positively Pilsner

We’re teaming up again with the guys over at Thank Heaven for Beer for another round of Sip With Us Saturday.  The idea is that everyone drinks the same type of beer on Saturday, then we all report back on our experiences and somehow world peace is achieved.  Actually, I’m not sure about that last part.

Anyway, this week it’s the mighty pilsner, the style that made beer what it is today, for better and for worse.  You see it was pilsner that really caught on with folks hundreds of years ago and helped beer become widely popular with the masses.  But pilsner is often pointed to as the beer at the root of America’s tolerance of bad beer, as it is the style brewed by the largest of the macrobrewers.

But done right, a pilsner is a wonderful thing, and that’s why we’ve chosen it for this week’s edition of Sip With Us Saturday.  For me, it’ll be a Victory Prima Pils, currently chilling in the beer fridge.  I’m excited about this, as it’s one of my favorite beers to enjoy while brewing, which is just what I’ll be doing Saturday.  It’s supposed to be warm and sunny, which is perfect pilsner weather.

So please grab yourself the pilsner of your choice and join us this week as we explore this king of beers.  Ooh, maybe I should’ve left off that last bit…

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