Yeah, when you search Google for images of the Devastator, this is what you get.  Lots of robots and kids toys!  Why do we name toys for children Devastator?  Carnage and destruction is what this guy wreaks and for $24.99 your child can dominate the world and his friends with a plastic piece of garbage.  You know this had to be made in China, and I always wondered what people over there thought about our society while they were making these frivolous toys, and going back to their huts to have stone soup and stale bread.  OK, I know things aren’t that bad over there any more, but I’m pretty sure I wasn’t too far off back in the 70s when I first became “aware” of the larger world and our place in it.

Well, I for one, am  glad I live in a country where by God if I want to spend $25 bucks on a piece of plastic trash for my kid I can go to any toys-r-us and have my pick of hundreds of pieces of garbage for which they will gladly take my money.  We kick ass on plastic junk, and another place we kick ass over China is in beer.  Ever had a Tsingtao? Gross!  Well I had a good brew from the land of Zion last night…I know, I know…Zion?…

Well, lets face it this is about the most stupid name for a beer ever, and the label is pretty dumb too.  A ram with steam snorting out his nose in the middle of Salt Lake City on fire!  My dumb crapometer is pegged on this one, but the question is whether or not the beer is any good.

I picked this up because Wasatch Brewing out of Salt Lake City, Utah makes one of my favorite brews.  Their Polygamy Porter is very good, and you cannot beat the name given the environs it is brewed within.  Their slogan for that brew is “Pick some up for your wives”  Classic!  And a very tasty porter to boot.

This is their high ABV double bock lager weighing in at 8% ABV, it pours a dark golden amber color with a one finger white head.  The first thing I noticed about this was the nose.  I could smell the beer while it was pouring, very promising.  It smelled malty, and bready, with some hoppiness in there as well.  The flavor was pretty good too.  It starts out with a sweet bready maltiness that reminded me that this is a lager, but then had a hoppy kick to it with a nice mildly bitter finish.  This is a great beer for winter as well, because the alcohol gives you a warming sensation in the middle of your chest that lasts for about a minute.  Very nice.

Take away the dumb name and label, and all you are left with is a pretty good tasting beer.  I’d recommend you give this a try.  For my Boise readers this is available at the Brewforia Store.  For everyone else, just look for a stupid label and you’ll probably find it.


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4 Comments on “DEVASTATOR!!”

  1. January 28, 2010 at 1:35 pm #

    I’d totally watch the movie on the label. Move over Terminator, the Devistator has arrived!! *explosion!!*

    cheesy fun.

    • Don
      January 28, 2010 at 6:44 pm #

      But would you drink a beer with that label? That is the question!

  2. January 29, 2010 at 2:18 pm #

    Sure I won’t be able to find it here. We do have a friend in Salt Lake, so when we go to Boise next, we might head her way and try it.

  3. Don
    January 29, 2010 at 3:32 pm #

    Mike it is a seasonal so it would have to be a late winter trip to get one. Being a double bock it probably comes out around January 1, and finishes up around the end of Lent–Easter. Not sure where they distribute. Probably has to do with the percent of Mormons in the state, where they can ship. 😉

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