An Offer You Can’t Refuse

Don Vito Corleone was famous for his offers you can’t refuse, do so and your life was mmmm…lets say, in question.  Marlin Brando played the mobster in this quintessential role.  So if you are so bold as to name a beer after the Godfather it best live up to the name.  The folks at Laughing Dog Brewery have attempted to make a brew as bold and brash as the mobster himself.  Some of the brew is Bourbon Barrel aged and it comes in at 71 IBUs and a heavy 11% ABV.  Seven Malts and Four hop varieties were used in making this beer.  Their Dogfather Imperial Stout is an inky black brew that certainly looks the part but does the flavor live up to the billing?….

The pour was Inky Black with a light tan head.  A good amount of lacing was left in the glass as it went down.  The nose was almost standard for a stout, malt and coffee richness came through, but interestingly the Hops made an appearance on the nose too making it smell quite piney.

So now it was time for the moment of truth…was it an offer I couldn’t refuse, or was the hype just hype?  The flavor is good.  It was very malty with coffee and some chocolate.  Interestingly the hops did show up with the piney flavor that I detected on the nose, and this is definitely a Winter Warmer with the spicy and warm finish.  The first few drinks of this beer were the best.  After a while the flavors began to run together and it lost some of its uniqueness.  It began to taste very “standard” as stouts go.  The mouthfeel was a little watery, however as it warmed a bit it did thicken up and get creamier.  but the flavor lost its complexity and it seemed to unravel as it warmed up.

So in the end, this is a good stout, but I’ve had better and at $7 for the bottle it is one of Laughing Dog’s most expensive brews.  I’m not sure if I will pick this up again or not.  So in the final analysis I guess it is an offer I can refuse, but I reserve the right to change my mind.  This is a limited brew and the flavor profile may change between years…Time in the barrel, the type of barrels used, and percent of brew that is barrel aged will all play into the flavor, so I’ll probably give next year’s offering a try.


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