Head Cold–Day Six

Going on day six of my head cold now, and I’m sick and tired..well yeah I’m sick and tired, but I’m  also sick and tired of not being able to drink anything.  Not that I can’t drink, hell I’ve been drinking fluids like a fish, but I can’t taste or smell anything right now, so drinking quality beer and whiskey doesn’t make any sense, I might as well be drinking water or pop or kool aid.  The flavors aren’t getting through.  On Tuesday I received 9 count em 9 great brews from Jim in the mail.  I made the mistake of drinking the Troegs Mad Elf that evening, as I was still in denial of the head cold saying it was just allergies.  Big mistake, little flavor got through and my son had to describe the flavor of what I was drinking.  By the way he is 21.

So just to let you all know where things are at, woke up this morning stuffy as ever and not feeling like this damn thing is getting better.  Does anyone have a secret about how they have gotten over their head cold.  Am I relegated to just letting nature take its course, does chicken soup help?  How about some killer head cold remedy? Please …PLEASE share with me.

-stuffy runny nose Don

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