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Wilderness Brewing: Today Is the Day

Today is D-Day for Wilderness Brewing’s Kickstarter campaign.  Nate and Mike, our blogging buddies from Thank Heaven for Beer are in the last 24 hours of their campaign to raise $40,000 seed money to start their very own brewery.  I’ve never had any of their beer, but I hope to, and from the raves it gets […]

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Wilderness Brewing: Help Our Buddies Nate and Mike Start Up Their New Kansas City Brewery!

Our buddies Mike and Nate over at http://www.thankheavenforbeer.com are begining the hard work of opening their own brewery.  Small at first, then over time I’m sure they will be growing.  The are turning to their friends, family, acquaintances, colleagues, and whoever is interested in helping a couple of craft brewers get their operation off the ground. […]

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