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Rogue John John Beer Pour’n (Down the Drain)

This was disappointing.  I cracked open a Rogue John John on Friday evening, only to be greeted by a thin and sour tasting beer. I’ve had it before and don’t remember it being a sour (it’s Rogue Dead Guy Ale aged in Rogue Dead Guy whiskey barrels), so I think there might be a quality […]

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Rogue Brutal IPA: Making Terroir Taste Good

Rogue Brewery has taken the Terroir movement to heart, growing all their ingredients within the state where the reside, and making some pretty good beer with it at the same time.  Truth is this is the ONLY way Terroir works.  If you get apples grown in your state but they are small and come with […]

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Rogue Northwestern Ale: A One Trick Pony.

I’m gettin’ a little tired of Rogue Ales.  See the Rogue Brewery in Newport, Oregon has some very good beers.  Their Dead Guy Ale is a great daily drinker.  Sweet, bitter, and complex with a creamy mouthfeel it is a great brew for an every day beer that is not too expensive and very accessible. […]

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