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Monday Morning Hangover: The Agony of Defeat

Well, it was a cruddy weekend for our teams here at B&WB.  My Jets were shot down by the man-robot Peyton Manning and Don’s “Whoever-Brett-Favre-is-Playing-Fors” also met their end at the hands of…wait for it…Brett Favre.  But I had some good beers along the way, so it’s not all bad.  Besides, now the Super Bowl […]

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Drinking in the Super 8 Motel!

Well I find myself back in Grangeville, Idaho.  Another project meeting at the highway district tomorrow at 1:00pm.  With the weather being unpredictable I chose to come up the day before and hang out at the hotel room for the evening while I watched the end of the Independence Bowl and the final broadcast of […]

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Video Review of Dale’s Pale Ale

I’m still playing with the new video cam, and took the opportunity to try a Dale’s Pale Ale from the can for the first time.  Check out the review below, and thanks to 52 Brews for turning me on to this beer! Have you tried this stuff?

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