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Novembeard Update: Two Weeks a Beard Makes

So Novembeard marches on and my facial follicles FINALLY look like they belong to a man.  Huzzah! 

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Boy Scouts with Beards

I posted the other day about how it’s Novembeard, a time to celebrate the manly joys of growing facial hair.  Apparently the Boy Scouts got the memo.  Check out their latest ad campaign from the folks over at Ogilvy.  Manly boys! I was a Boy Scout for a while when we lived in Iowa in […]

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Happy Novembeard!

With Halloween in the rearview mirror, it’s time to turn our attention the great autumnal tradition that is Novembeard.  It’s a time for men (and some old Italian women) to celebrate their god-given gift to grow facial hair. 

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