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Great Divide Brewing Old Ruffian Barleywine: Unleash the Bully!

Remember Butch from the Little Rascals? He was the roughneck that always picked on Alfalfa and the rest of the “Our Gang” clan.  He was bigger, rougher, and much more bitter than the rest of them.  He was, in old timey language, a ruffian.  The kind of kid that used his size and attitude to […]

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Great Divide Titan IPA: Remember the Titans

Coach Boone and Youst from the classic Disney film “Remember the Titans”.  This was a great movie, albeit a little sappy but tells of an interesting time in our nation’s history and how sport brought together people of different ethnicities and socioeconomic strata to fight for a common goal.  Blah blah blah.  The good thing […]

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