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VIDEO: St. Paddy’s Day as Seen Through Google Glass

There’s beer goggles, and then there’s what you see through Google Glass after drinking many of them.  As a beer geek and a gadget nerd, I gotta say this might be the best St. Paddy’s Day video I’ve ever seen. “Google Glass…nearest brothel!” Have a fun and safe St. Paddy’s day everyone, and PLEASE don’t […]

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Godsend or Gadget?: New Fridge Cools a Can of Beer in 4 Minutes

Every once in a while, I’ll be heating up something in the microwave and wonder, “how come they haven’t invented the same thing for making stuff cold?”  Well it looks like I wasn’t alone in those thoughts, as Korean appliance powerhouse LG is adding a new feature to some of their high-end fridges – the […]

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Beermometer: Solving a Problem or Wasting a Buck?

I’m all for industrious folks making a buck, but sometimes you have to ask – do we really need this new doohicky?  In this case, it’s the $0.99 Beermometer app, a new way to keep track of the beers you are chilling. 

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