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Friday Randomness: Lick the Rainbow

Well this is disturbing. Even if you see the gag before you touch the screen, try it anyway – it’s still waaaay creepy. You can almost feel that fella’s tongue.  Ewww! Have a great weekend and drink something good!

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Friday Randomness: The Best Local TV Commercial Ever Made (For Dead Animals)

. I’m not ever sure where to start, but this may be the best television commercial I’ve ever seen. All I’ll say is click play – I’d hate to spoil a minute of it.  Check out the stuffed Don that makes an appearance at about 0:35. Thanks to Mathew Molde for sharing this on our […]

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Friday Randomness: Halloween Light Show

. . I’ve seen this link floating around the Interwebs lately, but didn’t click on it until this morning – this is totally nuts! Some dude with too much money, talent, time and technical skills wired his entire house to “sing” This is Halloween from The Nightmare Before Christmas.  You gotta see it to believe […]

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