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Free Beer Makes the Canadians the Most Attractive Athletes at the Olympics

The Olympics are known for national pride, rigorous competition, and lots of athlete-on-athlete sexytime.  After all, these are young people at the peak of their physical prowess surrounded by other world-class competitors – of course they’re going to go for a few belt notches as they go for the gold.  They’re even using the dating […]

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Free Beer at Work, but With a Catch (with Poll)

This video gives an overview of how Yelp’s iPad-powered kegerator works – it’s actually pretty cool if you can look past the Big Brother part. One has to look no further than Yelp’s San Francisco offices to see that we have officially become slaves to technology.  You see, there they have a kegerator full of […]

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The Trouble with Free Beer

I was reading a funny entry over at Make Mine Potato the other day. They were begging to receive some free beer like Don and I do from time to time. To them I say be careful of what you wish for, because with free beer comes great responsibility. 

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