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Our Latest Podcast: Fun with Barrels

Don and I fired up our cheap Logitech microphones once again to talk about one of our favorite things – libations that have spend time in barrels! We review two selections from New Holland Artisnal Spirits, including their awesome Brewer’s Whiskey (Don drank all 375ml in a single sitting!).  We also review Firestone 14 Anniversary […]

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Firestone 14 Anniversary Ale: The Turducken of Beer

Sometimes more is more.  Take the turducken for instance.  It’s a deboned chicken stuffed into a deboned duck stuffed inside a deboned turkey, and the whole thing is stuffed with stuffing.  The result is a dish that is both absurd and divine. Firestone Walker took a similar approach with their Firestone 14, a beer created […]

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A Totally Tasteless Holiday

It’s back to work today after a long holiday weekend, made longer by the two feet of snow that was dumped on my part of the world Sunday night.  Looks like that white Christmas I ordered arrived a day late.  No worries, as the kids and Daisy the Wonder Poodle had an awesome time playing […]

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