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FYI: Don’s not Dead

I just wanted to let all of you folks know that relief is on the way from the Jim-fest that’s been happening here lately.  Donnybear ™ has been swamped the past week or so with employment seeking and so forth, but should be back in the groove here soon. And that’s a good thing.  I […]

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Sam Adams “The Vixen”: Trying Too Hard or Nailing It? (with Video)

. It looks like Sam Adams is trying to rekindle the romance with hardcore craft beer geeks with the release of their small batch series of beers.  Glancing at the labels, you wouldn’t guess that these are Sam Adams products, and I think that’s the whole point. When we discussed our “no-go” breweries here yesterday, […]

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Our First Product Prototype: The DonnyBear!

If my KISS lunchbox or my Star Wars Underoos taught me anything, it’s that the REAL money is in merchandising.  If people are fans of something, they’ll buy up all sorts of doodads to build a deeper connection to the object of their obsession and show the world that they have great taste. Cha-ching!! With […]

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