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Like Beer For Chocolate…

I went to my first ever “Beer Event” the other night and it was a pairing where we drank beer and ate chocolate in various forms.  I must say it was pretty fun, and beer people are just good people to be around and hang out with.  Now I’ve been to GABF in Denver last […]

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Our Latest Podcast: Fun with Barrels

Don and I fired up our cheap Logitech microphones once again to talk about one of our favorite things – libations that have spend time in barrels! We review two selections from New Holland Artisnal Spirits, including their awesome Brewer’s Whiskey (Don drank all 375ml in a single sitting!).  We also review Firestone 14 Anniversary […]

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Triumph and Trials: How Was Your Weekend?

So How was your weekend?  Mine was…well, a mixed bag.  Yeah that is an adequate description.  As far as sports are concerned, my fantasy football team rocked!  I scored 157 points, and my kicker still plays tonight.  I now have the dubious distinction of having scored the most points in the league, but my record […]

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