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Can Hype Ruin a Beer?

I’ve been giving the phenomenon of hype a bit of thought lately.  We see it everyday in our daily lives.  You gotta get the new iPhone, the new Mini Cooper ;), that new blockbuster movie was awesome!  We hear it so much we generally begin to ignore it in our every day lives, its just a part […]

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End of History, Pliny the Younger, Dark Lord: What Tops Your “Ungettables” List?

I have benefited from the generosity of beer nerds on number of occasions, and I am thankful.  Folks have shared tastes of Sam Adam’s Utopias, lunatic beers from Brew Dog, and, most recently, Pliny the Elder.  These are all beers I wouldn’t have tasted without a little help from my friends.  Thanks guys. As Don […]

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