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Schlafly’s Responds: Why They Decided to Contract Brew (and Not Build)

The great thing about being a loudmouthed moron is that sometimes smart people respond to your buffoonery with interesting information.  Such is the case with my post yesterday about Schlafly’s plans to expand their brewing operations using contract brewers. The obvious answer to why they chose this route is financial prudence.  Why take on a […]

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Schlafly’s Turns to Contract Brewers Outside of St. Louis

Different brewers are handling the rapid growth of the craft beer marketplace in different ways. Some are rushing to expand their on-site brewing capabilities to keep up with demand, like the folks over at Oskar Blues, who make delicious beers that Don can no longer get.  Why can’t he get them?  Because like many other […]

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Sign of the Craft Beer Apocalypse: Walgreens is Brewing a “Premium” Beer

  I guess if I can brew in my driveway, anyone can right?  Well the folks over at Walgreens apparently have this can-do spirit when it comes to, er, spirits, as they are launching their own custom-brewed “premium” lager called Big Flats 1901.  It should sell for about 50 cents a can. I’m not sure […]

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