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There Goes the Future: We’re Schooling the Next Generation

We never imagined this would happen.  It turns out that our little blog is being used as a teaching aid in college course – it may or may not be at The Ohio State University – the Google is a little fuzzy on this. Anyway, they created a blog to explore “Representations of the ‘Family’ […]

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University Offers “Honors Chemistry: Intro to Brewing Beer”

That’s an “A” in my book… It looks like it’s time for me to go back to school.  NPR is reporting that Appalachian State University will soon have a carboy cozied up to their Agilent 6850 Series II Gas Chromatographer and a brew kettle bubbling next to the Dionex ICS 1000 (with anion exchange column, […]

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What Ever Happened To College Kids Drinking Beer?

Remember the Good Old Days, when young men and women seeking higher education kicked back and relaxed with a beer or two?  Perhaps a ping-pong ball would be tossed, Grand-Prize-Game-style into a delta of red cups.  Someone might have even cracked the cap on a pint of Jack.  Maybe folks even passed the peace pipe.  […]

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