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Sam Adams FINALLY Cans Their Beer: It Better Be Magical

Samuel Adams, long a pioneer in the craft beer world, recently announced that they are finally going to offer their beer in cans, starting early this summer with Boston Lager and Alpine Spring Summer Ale (oops! I had this wrong in the original post). Several excellent craft breweries have been producing exceptional canned beers for […]

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I have no idea why I’m so infatuated with canned craft beers, but they are becoming a bit of an obsession with me, and their ranks are growing at such a crazy pace I can’t keep up with what’s out there.  This is good and bad.  The good part is that I’m always excited to […]

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Sierra Nevada May Have Torpedoed Dale’s Pale Ale as My Go-To Summer Beer

I’m a creature of habit.  I’ll eat the same thing every day for lunch without complaint, and I stick to a fairly strict routine in my life, which is great when I’m doing healthy stuff, and awful when I’m on a cheese and crackers binge.  All told, I’d be pretty easy to assassinate – just […]

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What Beers and Booze Would You Put on Frontier Airlines?

All types of folks reach out to us here at B&WB, but this is the first time we’ve ever been approached by an airline. Yesterday, Brian Dassell, the manager of the food and beverage program at Frontier Airlines left us a comment on the About the Brothers page, asking what we thought of the recent […]

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Dogfish Head Has no Plans for Cans

The past year has seen a proliferation of excellent beers available in cans, which offer many benefits to the consumer and to the environment.  But one thing cans don’t offer is the elegance of a bottle, and that’s at the heart of why Dogfish Head has no plans to can their beers. 

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Is Craft Beer in Cans a Way to Break into the Mainstream?

I’ve been drinking a lot of Dale’s Pale Ale lately, using it to soothe my gimpy back. Last night I found myself up in the mancave with a can of Dale’s and no glass.  Now, I’m fanatical about using glassware when drinking beer, and have been known to take a bottle out of someone’s hand […]

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Video Review of Dale’s Pale Ale

I’m still playing with the new video cam, and took the opportunity to try a Dale’s Pale Ale from the can for the first time.  Check out the review below, and thanks to 52 Brews for turning me on to this beer! Have you tried this stuff?

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