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Light Beer Makers Fighting Over Whose Can is Most Refreshing as the Whole Ship Sinks

Recent data shows that light beer sales will hit a 10-year low in 2015, another bleak milestone for this titanic beer category. But even as the S.S. Lite Beer begins to nosedive after hitting an iceberg with interesting facial hair (obviously craft brewers bringing them down), the makers of Bud Light and Coors Light are […]

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Denver We Have a Problem – Your Quarterback Wants a Bud Light

I had the NFL Network’s Denver-San Diego postgame coverage on last night for background noise as I was putting the finishing touches on a homemade sausage, onion and red pepper pizza (because I’m a Renaissance man!). Peyton Manning was at the podium answering questions, when the press corps suddenly erupted with laughter.  I find Peyton […]

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Has Advertising Given Beer a Bad Name?

Even as sales of craft beer continue to climb by double digits, overall sales of beer are down 1% by volume this year.  It’s the big boys who are shouldering the brunt of the burden, and they are starting to make some splashy moves to stem their losses. Take a look at Bud Light.  Advertising […]

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Four Beers and a Funeral

This is how my weekend started.  With a funeral.  A Funeral for my Son.  A funeral for his Bachelorhood!  Yes, my Son got married this weekend, and the festivities were great.  This kicked it off with a lunch put on by his co-workers.  He is working a summer job in Boise in a Carpenter shop […]

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I Had to Drink a Fizzy Yellow Beer

It finally happened.  I had heard of it happening to others, but I thought it would never happen to me…but it did.  There was no other way to prove I fit in.  I had to drink a fizzy yellow beer…and it was…Awful! Let me tell you how I got to this lowly state.  My 18 […]

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