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Manor House Brewing Cannonball Reserve: The Best Beer You Can’t Get

There are lots of folks who want to brew beer for a living.  For some it’s a pipe dream, for others it’s an organized goal.  For the folks at Manor House Brewing, it’s a calling. This struck me like a ton of bricks when I sampled their Cannonball Reserve, a Belgian Strong Ale that absolutely […]

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Fight For Your Right to Beer: The Best Strike Ever

To me, this sounds like a simple, happy life: You’re a brewery worker, spending your day helping to make a respectable assortment of lagers, pilsners and ales. Even better, there are coolers placed around the brewery, and you’re allowed to enjoy the fruits of your labor any time you like throughout the working day.  There’s […]

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This Dog Don’t Hunt

Sometimes you really want to like something, but the spark’s just not there. For me that includes the new Battlestar Galactica, that hot girl I dated briefly in college, and stuffwhitepeoplelike.com (I get it, we’re uptight). These are all things that other people are crazy about and looked interesting to me, but I just don’t […]

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