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Whatcha Drinking This Weekend?: Lost Khaki’s Edition

Hello from Bahstahn, home of Tawmy Brady and the Paytreeuhts! I’m up here for a conference until Saturday afternoon, and while I didn’t pahk tha cahr in Havaahd Yahd (sorry, I couldn’t resist being ‘that guy’), I did find a pretty nice beer bar near the hotel I’m staying at.  As a guy who doesn’t […]

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Losers!: Boston’s Harpoon Brewery Is Serving Pints Wearing Giants Jerseys Today

Forget about senators betting lobsters and cheesecakes over the outcome of a football game – brewers do it with far more flair. NYC’s Brooklyn Brewery had a Super Bowl bet going with the folks from Harpoon in Boston.  If the Patriots won, Brooklyn would have to pour pints of Harpoon IPA in their pub for […]

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