Well, what can I say, WE SUCK!  Yesterday we asked all of you to share your favorite barbecue beers with us and you did…in droves.  It was really great to see all of you take the topic and really run with it.  Seems we all like to grill with beer, we like to drink it while we grill, and many of you are embracing this weekend as an opportunity to really cook up a storm outside.  A few of you even shared recipes with us.  I’m definately going to make those bananas that Keith Wood from Whisky Emporium posted about.

Well yesterdays awesome discussion was supposed to lead into a podcast we were going to record last night.  I say going to record because that was our intent, just not our action!  There is a little bit of a story here, and its all pretty mundane, technical and boring, so I’ll just gloss over it here.  Basically, Jim is the technical guy.  He knows about all the technical stuff for the web site and the podcasts.  Well there is a program that we have been using to record our podcasts and it was a free sample

Last week Jim’s home computer (where said program resided) fried.  So he got a new one.  He reloaded all the goodies on it including the recording program (remember I said it was a free sample).  So freebies usually don’t have all the functionality that the paid for versions do.  This is no exception.  What we forgot about was that this particular program had a certain limitation, it cut off recording at 15 minutes!  So we have a bunch of audio of Jim and I farting around getting things ready, then about 5 minutes of the show then…nothing!

We think it actually worked before because Jim was using an old and outdated version of Windows.  His new computer has Windows 7 so all the codes etc in the recording program worked to a tee and thus it shut itself off at 15 minutes like the free sample is supposed to do.

So.. did I mention, WE SUCK!  We “recorded” the whole show and then realized our error.  So this is a roundabout way of telling you we won’t have a Labor Day Grilling Podcast, and ….WE SUCK!



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2 Comments on “WE SUCK!”

  1. September 2, 2010 at 10:33 am #

    We’ll get it straigtened out soon big fella. At least we had fun chatting last night.

    • Don
      September 2, 2010 at 11:02 am #

      WEll we always have fun chatting, but it would have been better if we actually recorded it. I had some pretty funny stuff there!

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