Snoqualmie: A Couple Quick Reviews

Around these parts when people say Snoqualmie this is the image that is conjured up.  Feet and feet of snow shutting down the pass on I-90 east of Seattle in the Cascade Mountain range.  But there is another Snoqualmie in these parts now, and with any luck it will put far better images into your mind the next time you hear the word…

Snoqualmie’s Wildcat IPA was a nice beer that went down smooth and easy.  It is a 6.6% ABV brew, so not too much alcohol here, it isn’t a session brew by any means, but I drank the entire 22 oz bomber with no ill effect.

Its pour was a light amber color with a billowy white head that quickly dissipated.  Its nose was the usual piney and citrus nose that delivered on the promise of a quality NW IPA.

Its flavor was solid.  Nothing really to see here.  The mouthfeel was a little thin, but it make it very quaffable on a hot day.

So I know this review is kinda glossed over, but there is another aspect I want to get at here, and that is price.  I bought this 22 oz bomber for under $4.00.  That is the full retail price for this brew.  So it isn’t gonna win many awards, but it was a good flavored solid brew at a great price.  I think this beer has value.  Good flavor, good price, refreshing…nice.  Not every beer needs to knock my socks off.  This is good beer, and could easily become my house brew in the summer now that Dales is no longer around.

This is Snoqualmie’s Copperhead American Pale Ale…Meh.


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