Deschutes Hop Henge: What time is it?

Stonehenge is full of mystery.  Massive stacked rocks that are clearly rough cut, and stacked to form a circle of precision.  Each of the boulders used to make the pillars and caps weigh between five and ten tons, and were placed here long before cranes and pulleys were invented, and since they don’t know the exact date when it was constructed (around 3000BC) it might have been made before the wheel was invented.  So how did these ancient beings stack and move these massive rock structures, and more over why?

As you might imagine there have been hundreds of theories as to what this place was used for, everything from an ancient Druid burial ground to a healing center to an astrological lab.  I think its a clock.  How else would they know when to drink beer?…

Deschutes Hop Henge is a piney citrusy treat with a big hop flavor followed by a smooth and subtile alcohol burn.  At 8.75% ABV this is a big IPA but the brewer has done a good job of integrating the alcohol into the brew so it tastes like it belongs and doesn’t stand out like a sore thumb.  This, however puts this beer into the sneaky category, so care should be taken to not overindulge, as it would be easy to do so.

Teh pour on this beer was a terra cotta orange with a creamy one finger head that left its tell tale markings on the glass as I consumed it.  The nose was piney and citrusy that was reflected in the flavor, with just a whiff of alcohol.

The taste of this brew was just regular.  I know, I know that isn’t very descriptive, but it was oiney and citrusy as stated previously, and it tastes like a quality Pacific Northwest IPA is supposed to taste. The big cascade hops provided a nice punch to the taste buds just like you would expect.  So how do you describe a good solid IPA, other than to say it was regular?  Not bad in any way, but not really special either.  I would seek this out if I was looking for a medium bodied IPA on a warm summer’s day.  I might wait until evening to drink it because the higher alcohol content might drink a little hot.

So buy it and enjoy it.  It is a solid quality product from the folks at Deschutes.  Good brew for the fourth of July pitching horse shoes.


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3 Comments on “Deschutes Hop Henge: What time is it?”

  1. April 22, 2010 at 2:11 pm #

    I knew the answer to the headline right away – It’s Beer O’Clock!!!

    It would be even more telling if each stone had a bottle opener or a tap built into it. Or if one was an enormous kegerator. That would have made their purpose more clear for sure. Oh the mysteries of the past.

    • Don
      April 22, 2010 at 3:01 pm #

      I was thinking Beer:30 but no matter, its all good when its all Beer & Whiskey!


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