Drinking In Autumn

Fall Color

Its turning cooler in Idaho.  The mornings are crisp and the leaves are beginning to turn.  I am always amazed at how quick it happens.  It was just last week I was wearing shorts to my kids football game, and this week I’m wondering if my fall jacket will be heavy enough by 8:00pm.  Those bleachers do get cold!  Autumn also brings with it new flavors of the season and some new drinks as well.  I know I wouldn’t make a big pot of hot stew in the heat of the summer, and I wouldn’t drink apple cider either.  These flavors have a season all their own, and their time has arrived in 2009!  The same can be said for seasonal brews, after all it isn’t Julyfest that we celebrate but the brews of fall and winter.  I recently had one of those and it took me back…

Hard CiderNow granted Woodchuck Draft Cider is not a beer, but I received it as part of a birthday 6 pack and it is a very seasonal brew, like an Octoberfest beer that is made from apples!  I was particularly interested in this cider because it is made exclusively with Granny Smith apples, a very tart, but sweet apple.

The process used to make the cider is simple, mash the apples to get juice, put the juice in a temperature controlled tank, add champagne yeast and let it do its thing, filter it, and bottle it!  Funny thing was no one in America had been doing it commercially so the folks in Proctorsville, Vermont obliged.  The end product is a very simple, clean and refreshing hard cider, 5% ABV, that goes great with cold weather and pumpkin carving.

So on with a review.  Nose? No nose here, must have cut it off despite their face!.  Flavor? Very clean, crisp, refreshing, and a little bitter sweet.  It literally tastes like biting into a Granny Smith apple.  If you like them you will like this.  My wife said she liked it, and she hates alcohol!  She said it reminded her of the wine coolers she used to drink in the ’80s.  Not much of a recommendation, but the best she could muster.  Bottom line is if you like Granny Smith apples, or apple cider, you will probably like Woodchuck Draft Cider.  So put on those overalls, flannel shirts, and mud boots, and bring some along on your next hay ride or trip to the pumpkin field…better yet, wait until you get home and crack it open while you are scooping guts out of your Jack-o-lantern.

So lets hear from you all.  What do you like to drink when the weather turns?


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2 Comments on “Drinking In Autumn”

  1. Jim
    October 1, 2009 at 4:36 pm #

    So Kathy accused you of drinking 80’s wine coolers? Our sisters love Mike’s Hard Cider (the light ones, naturally) so maybe cider is the new wine cooler. I wonder what percentage of these are purchased by teenage boys for their dates? Oh, those were the days.

    All in all, it sounds tasty. I’m a big granny smith fan, so perhaps I’ll check this out. Or I’ll send Caryn into the store to pick some up. I do have a reputation to protect after all!

    • Don
      October 1, 2009 at 4:59 pm #

      Yeah Jim, You’re HUGE! Let me be clear I was never a wine cooler drinker in the 80s. I tried the hard cider, and liked it. That doesn’t make me a mullet wearin’ freak!

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