Stranded in Idaho Final Series Post–Whiskey #6 Jim Beam White Label

stranded-truckWhen I last wrote I had just completed my dinner and was headed into the Bar at Ernies Steakhouse to watch the Boise State/Oregon game.  Well we found a couple seats at the bar and put the game on the huge old tube TV sets that were suspended from the cieling like a couple of cars from a ferris wheel.  The TVs were only 25 inch screens, they weren’t flat but had the distinctive bubble shape and reflected every overhead light within 25 feet.  Still when in Rome…I’m not too proud to watch a big game on something less than optimal viewing circumstances, but it added to the mediocre feel of the evening.

Speaking of Mediocre….the bar had exactly three bourbons.  Early Times, Jim Beam White Label, and Makers Mark.  Now I know that Makers is an upper shelf product and that it has a large and loyal following, but to me drinking Makers is a little like siphoning gasoline.  Since I was in Grangeville I have read a couple reviews of Early Times, and next time I may give that a try, but I chose the Beam to have my college football viewing pleasure.

jim-beam-whiteI Picked the Beam because I know 1) its been around forever and something that ubiquitous must be pretty good; 2) Beam makes some of my favorite bourbons like Booker’s, and Knob Creek; and 3) I had been surprised by Evan Williams earlier that day, perhaps this would turn out to be a good thing too.

Boise State-oregonWell being in Idaho, and having had one son attend BSU and about to send a second off to the Blue I will tell you I am a Boise State fan.  That said I think even the most ardent BSU fan would say the game was a disappointment.  About all you can say is at the end of the day BSU won and that is a good thing.  Like my thoughts about the Jim Beam Bourbon, at the end of the day at least I was drinking Bourbon which beats just about everything else.

Jim Beam White Label is 80 proof or 40% ABV, and has a modest nose that smells of orange, honey, and smoke with just a hint of mint.


Heavy orange and honey flavors that dissipate quickly with almost no burn at all, about 15 seconds then faded to nothing.

On the Rocks

Surprisingly still had a pretty good nose with  strong flavor notes as it enters the palate that quickly dissipates with no burn.

With a Splash

Might as well just drink bottled water. The fragile structure of this whiskey is completely compromised with water.

Well the game did not live up to its hype, and neither does Jim Beam White Label.  It may be everywhere, but that doesn’t make it good.  I think there must be a lot of bourbon drinkers out there that just like a hint of flavor in their high balls but truely just enjoy the flavor of the mix.  Beam is probably the most mixed bourbon, and rightly so.

The Punch A CAUTIONARY NOTE: This was the first time since college I had a hangover like I had after a few Beams with Moose Drool.  I don’t know if it was the brown beer, the cheap bourbon, or perhaps a touch of the flu, but I was hangin’ pretty badly the next day.  I think I probably felt a lot like BSUs Byron Hout that next morning after he took the right cross from LeGarrette Blount…without the wind sprints and stadium stairs that I’m sure Byron had to endure for taunting.


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2 Comments on “Stranded in Idaho Final Series Post–Whiskey #6 Jim Beam White Label”

  1. Chris
    September 18, 2009 at 7:01 pm #

    I think it was due to the fact that you were in Grangeville. I am guessing you went to taco John’s since I wasn’t with you and you were jonesin for it, you felt it the next day. I warned you about that place.

    • Don
      September 24, 2009 at 9:23 pm #

      I’m actually thinking Beam and Moose Drool in the quantities I consumed was the problem. I actually had another Moose Drool, just one, a few nights ago and woke up with a head ache. Might be something in that particular brew that just doesn’t agree with me.

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