A Brotherly Game of Trip

trip signsHave you ever had a game that you played with your siblings that just seemed like you had the way better end of things.  Well that is what it felt like every time I played trip with my brother Jim.  Trip was a simple game that gave me a lot of enjoyment.  I was about ten years old which made Jim about three.  I would be at one end of the hall where the hallway met the large open space of the living room, and Jim would start at the other end of the hall by the bedrooms.  He would run down the hall at full speed and try to jump over my leg, foot, arm, or hand that would try to trip him and send him sprawling into the living room.

Nothing really bad ever happened aside from the obligatory rug burns and a bump or two on my brothers head, and from time to time I would encur the wrath of my mother as she was driven crazy by the noise of my brother being launched and landing on the living room floor, directly above her head where she used to sew in the Family Room.  But I often wondered why Jim enjoyed this game.  He was the one getting bruised and rug burned each time we did it, he was the one being launched into the air with nothing but a 60’s vintage shag carpet to break his fall, he was the one that had to do all the running, getting sweaty and winded with little to show for it.  Why then was he attracted to this crazy game.

Part of it has to do with three year olds.  My friends used to have a toy that their daughter just loved.  It was basically a base with 4 blocks.  When stacked properly on the base the blocks would look like a clown.  The object was to stack the blocks and then push a button that when depressed would knock the blocks over and break the clown apart.  When she was real little her parents would stack the blocks for her and she would press the button and giggle when the clown came tumbling down and break apart.  She would do this all day if her parents would have kept up the mind numbing activity.  I’m sure you have all seen the kids in the grocery store or wherever that mom gives them the keys and they throw them on the floor, mom picks them up and the kid does it again, repeat until you can’t take it any more…so Jim was at the age when repetition was fun.

But for Jim this silly game was more than just repetative sport,   his drive for the perfect trip, the one that launched him farther and higher had to do with Jim’s personality.  He is not the type to do things just because they are easy or safe.  Even at the tender age of three Jim was pushing the envelope, he wanted to fly, he wanted to tumble he wanted to run fast and jump high.  Jim was a mover and a shaker at 3 years old!  He knew even then to reach the high points sometimes it takes some pain, sometimes you fall and bang your head, but every once in a while you get to fly…

Fly on Jim…


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One Comment on “A Brotherly Game of Trip”

  1. Jim
    August 24, 2009 at 11:54 pm #

    You say nothing happened, which is accurate, but this type of stuff eventually led to stitches for me. So I guess I’m saying that I have the scars to prove I grew up as your little brother. And let’s not forget, this was before cable or Atari. Dangerous times indeed!

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