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Great Whiskey Challenge??

So this is what I feel like after the first round of the Great Whiskey Challenge of 2012.  See I got almost everything wrong based upon price, but based on flavor I still contend I’m spot on.  Here is how it broke down. Remember I said: All in all for those that are keeping score […]

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Wathen’s Single Barrel v. Knob Creek Single Barrel Reserve: And the Winner,By the Narrowest of Margins, Is…

  Here it is, the last of the first round matchups!  And I think that it is fitting that this was the absolute closest match so far.  You might think that it would be one sided with the New Knob Creek being so close to barrel strength and all, but it was by no means […]

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Single Barrel Whiskey

Over the past couple of decades there has been a lot of innovation in the whiskey industry.  One particular type of “innovation” took whiskey back to its roots and allowed for a pure form of whiskey to come back into the market.  The “single barrel” whiskey is how whiskey used to be.  They’d distill it, […]

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