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Forget the Bubble, the Craft Beer Famine is Here!

WASHINGTON STATE HAS RUN OUT OF HOPS!!!! EVERYBODY PANIC!!!11!!!!!1!!! Okay, so maybe it’s not THAT bad, but a harsh economic reality has set in on the craft beer world, and it’s not the popping of the mythical sales “bubble” – it simple supply and demand. In this case, the supply of aroma hops from Washington […]

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Aldergrove Empirical Staught: A Brewery 99% Of You Have Never Heard Of.

This brew I had the other night is from the smallest commercial brewery I have ever tried.  No doubt in my mind.  Maybe ever in the world.   Is a matter of fact I’m certain that many of you have greater brewing capacity than Aldergrove Brewery in Marysville, Washington.  It is a commercial venture located […]

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Guest Post: Why Washington is a Top Rate Beer State

Well, our “Best Beer State” poll has certainly stirred the pot, with lots of folks arguing why their favorite beer brewing state is the best. We’ve seen many impassioned arguments for Oregon, California, Pennsylvania and Colorado.  It seems these are the top dogs when it comes to crafting and exporting great beers. But one guy […]

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