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Beer Stealing Vodka’s Thunder in Russia, Now Considered Alcohol

The world got a little less hardcore last week, as folks over in Russia have officially declared beer to be alcohol.  Before now, anything under 10% alcohol by volume was considered a foodstuff, not booze.  You know, like breakfast cereal! 

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Dan Aykroyd has 21,000 Bottles of Vodka Stolen, Shows Why He’s So Cool

Dan Ackroyd is more than just an awful/terrific actor, he’s also a distiller of a top shelf vodka called Crystal Head.  It’s the stuff that comes in a cool skull-shaped bottle. Well, Mr. Aykroyd should be bummed today, because some 21,000 bottles have been stolen from a California warehouse.  While the news is bad, his […]

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Oscar Weekend!! What Will You Be Drinking?

Well it is Oscar Weekend, and anybody who is anybody will be out partying and having a great time into the wee hours of the night after the Academy Awards.  One thing is for sure there will be lots of eating, and LOTS of drinking.  Actors from across the globe will be imbibing to celebrate […]

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