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5 Reasons why SAVOR is the Best Beer Event in America

I had an excellent time at SAVOR this past weekend – it blended everything I like about beer festivals into one exceptional evening. I haven’t gone to every beer event in America, but I have to say that SAVOR is far and away the best I’ve ever experienced. Here’s why: 

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Thoughts on the Dark Lord Day Shibacle

I’ve become fascinated by watching the combination of shitstorm and debacle (know by linguists as a “shibacle”) that Dark Lord Day is becoming before our eyes. As we noted here, Dark Lord Day tickets went on sale Saturday, and according to BeerNews.org, they sold out in 23 minutes.  It’s great to see such enthusiasm for […]

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Dark Lord Day 2011 Golden Tickets Go On Sale Tomorrow

Dark Lord Day has become a bit of a circus since the first batch of this hard to get Imperial Stout was brewed in 2002.  Over the years the crowds have swelled, the hype has grown and, quite frankly, all you drunken bastards have become a burden on the poor brewers at Three Floyds.  They […]

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