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Drinking and dating: Those seeking a mate lay off the booze

The dating website just released a new study on singles and drinking, and the findings shed interesting light on how our attitudes towards alcohol change as we get more serious about finding a mate. The study involved 11 million singles between the ages of 21 and 50 who have set up profiles on the […]

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SURVEY: Do You Toast with Champagne, Craft Beer or Booze for These Occasions?

This week’s article over at TODAY is about people replacing champagne with a finely crafted beer, which I think is an awesome trend. One interesting piece of data provided to me by Sam Adams is that if given the choice, 60 percent of men prefer to toast a special occasion with beer rather than champagne. […]

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There’s a bit of spin happening in this press release that summarizes the findings of a recent survey conducted by  Here’s the beginning of the release (emphasis mine): One in four beer drinkers say price matters when it comes to craft beer. A recent survey of 1,000 craft brew enthusiasts conducted by looked […]

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35% of Men Say Beer is the Ultimate Man’s Drink, the Other 65% Are Wrong

Ask Men just released their 2011 Great Male Survey and it turns out that the majority of dudes (35%) consider beer to be the “ultimate man’s drink.” Whiskey came in second at 28% (I knew there was a reason it’s after beer in our blog title!), Scotch at 27%, “whatever Don Draper is drinking” (ugh) […]

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