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Americans Spending More Time Sleeping, Watching TV, Brewing Their Own Beer

The Bureau of Labor Statistics just released their 2010 Time Use Survey and it looks as if the nation’s employment landscape is changing the way we live.  Time.com’s Brad Tuttle is all over it. First the obvious news – Americans are spending more time than ever watching TV (2.1 hours per day, up 5.4 minutes […]

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Infographic: The Worst Year in the History of American Beer

Most of us have seen a graphic showing the number of breweries in America from the 1800’s to today.  It tells a story we’ve all heard before – America had a lively brewing scene up until Prohibition, when nearly two thousand breweries were wiped off the map, most never to be seen again.  The number […]

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Bad News for Big Beer: Consumer Spending Expected To Shrink This Year

A recent study from AlixPartners shows that the next year is going to be a good one for most drink makers – unless you’re a macro brewer. The study polled 1,000 people in early February, asking if they expected to spend more or less on certain kinds of beverages, from sports drinks to the heavy […]

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