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Forget the Bubble, the Craft Beer Famine is Here!

WASHINGTON STATE HAS RUN OUT OF HOPS!!!! EVERYBODY PANIC!!!11!!!!!1!!! Okay, so maybe it’s not THAT bad, but a harsh economic reality has set in on the craft beer world, and it’s not the popping of the mythical sales “bubble” – it simple supply and demand. In this case, the supply of aroma hops from Washington […]

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The Creek Has Run Dry!

KNOB CREEK IS GONE!!!  For this year anyway.  It happens infreaquently, but it does happen.  A whiskey’s supply is out stripped by its popularity.  9 years ago the makers of Knob Creek thought their whiskey would be popular, but didn’t anticipate that it would take off like it has, and the entire concept of small […]

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